nawalakw Society

At Hada River estuary, in the heart of MUSGA’MAKW DZAWADA’ENUXW  territory, a vision of cultural revitalization is becoming reality. The vision is of a place where Kwak̓wala, a language on the brink of extinction, will once again be spoken immersively; a place where cultural revitalization underpins economic and social well-being. The place is NAWALAKW  (pronounced Now-wah-low-k, and meaning ‘supernatural’ in Kwak̓wala).

Driven by Chief Maxwiyalidizi K’odi Nelson and the leadership of KWIḴWA̱SUT’INUX̱W HAXWA’MIS FIRST NATION, Nawalakw is an ecotourism destination, healing village and culture camp that will offer healing, language and cultural immersion programs for Kwakwa̱ka̱ʼwakw people most of the year, while operating as a world class ecotourism resort in the summer months.

Nawalakw anticipates that over the next decade it will be poised to deliver more than 300,000 hours of KWAK̓WALA language and cultural programming to youth and provide over 200,000 hours of wellness programming, employing up to 100 people—all while protecting and enhancing the fragile ecosystem of the Hada River estuary which will serve as a hub for the stewardship and conservation management efforts of the MUSGA’MAKW DZAWADA’ENUXW First Nation governments.

The Nawalakw journey is just beginning.  It is a bold, multi-year and multi-generational plan and  participation of partners and allies will be critical for its success.  

-- Coast Funds

Farewell Harbour Lodge is proud to support Chief K'odi Nelson and the Musga'makw Dzawada'enuxw in this visionary endeavour.