Wildlife, fishing or retreats - something for all

Farewell Harbour Lodge offers a variety of programs to suit all interests, abilities and ages. We cater to individuals, couples or families and happily accommodate children aged 10 and up. We follow the rhythms of this place to offer you the best experience possible at the best times.
Our adventures in the natural world can take us on Wildlife excursions in search of the charismatic mammals such as Orca or Grizzly or on Fishing adventures to wet your line in search of a mighty Chinook or Coho Salmon. We also have a fleet of state-of-the-art stable, tandem sea kayaks for those who wish to stretch their muscles and try some self-propelled adventure in the crystalline, calm waters around the lodge.
As a setting for  retreats, Farewell Harbour Lodge is outstanding for its ease of access, magnificent private 10 acre forest, ocean-side setting and boundless opportunities to engage not just your mind but all of your senses.  We offer special 4 day spring-time retreats every year for families and individuals seeking to disconnect from magnetic pull of virtual reality and reconnect with themselves, their loved ones and the natural world.  Engaging, experiential facilitation of these 'De-Tech, Re-Connect' retreats  are provided by Ross Laird and Tim McGrady.

If you are looking to up your game professionally consider bringing your executive or board team to Farewell Harbour for some simple relaxation and recreation or dive deeper into leadership and team-building. Farewell Harbour Lodge works closely with small team of dedicated and highly experienced professional leadership and team-building consultants brought together under the banner of the Farewell Institute for Executive Leadership Development ('FIELD'). Contact our office for more details on our 'FIELD' programs.