De-Tech & reconnect

Reconnect with family on our special de-tech retreats. This is not virtual. Reality! 

In our age of information and technology overload, parents are searching for innovative yet simple ways to connect with their children and with one another. At Farewell Harbour Lodge, we create an environment of connection and meaning, through nature, that encourages families to rediscover the quality and depth of their relationships.

Our unique ‘De-Tech, Reconnect’ weekend retreats are dedicated to cultivating healthy, family oriented, nature-based environments for reconnection and reintegration away from technology. These 3 night, 4 day family retreats are led by two seasoned co-facilitators. Ross Laird, Ph.D. is a best-selling author, acclaimed educator and award winning scholar specializing in mental health and youth development. Tim McGrady, M.A. brings over 25 years’ experience as a guide, outdoor educator, and international leadership and communications consultant.

Our program utilizes the latest research on the impact of technology on personal and youth development. We apply emerging trends in experiential, nature-based learning, weaving together innovation and discovery as we help families and individuals explore the stunning marine and terrestrial environments of the Great Bear Rainforest that surrounds Farewell Harbour Lodge. The program offers a blend of fun, experiential family, group and individual activity, reflective time in and around the lodge, and engaging evening workshops led by our facilitators. Families also spend unstructured time together, relaxing, exploring, and connecting.

In our age of constant distraction and overwhelming technological immersion, the tasks of nurturing and protecting family relationships are becoming ever more urgent and challenging. At Farewell Harbour, we are dedicated to helping families develop greater resources and fulfilment in those relationships. And, as current research indicates, the natural environment is a uniquely powerful tool for connection, integration, and development. Our goal is to help families rediscover one another in the act of discovering nature.

Our De-Tech & Reconnect retreats are run once each year. Our 2018 retreat dates are May 31 - June 3, 2018. Space is limited to 8 participants and the program is open to individuals and families with youth 10 and older.

Please contact our office for program and pricing details.


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