Enliven your senses and immerse yourself in a deep forest experience 

Shinrin-yoku comes to North America from Japan where, in the 1980s, researchers began to quantify the immense healing benefits of simply being in a forest environment. It translates as 'taking in the forest atmosphere' or, more commonly, 'forest bathing'.  In practice, Shinrin-yoku is a method for a guided, peaceful, immersive experience in the forest ecosystem.

Farewell Harbour Lodge has specially trained staff who lead Shinrin-yoku walks on Berry Island - a  300 acre beautiful and fully forested protected island and the site of our lodge.  As a balm to our over-stretched, fast paced lives, Shinrin-yoku can help lead you back to a centred place and help you reconnect with the natural world. 

Join us for two or three day Shinrin-yoku workshops or join us for one of our regular wildlife packages where we offer Shinrin-yoku as an included option. 

For more information, check out the Shinrin-yoku website. Contact our office for program and pricing details.