What environmental stewardship looks like at Farewell Harbour Lodge

Farewell Harbour Lodge is committed to a conservation ethic at our lodge, in our region and on the planet. We try to do the small but important things around the lodge like practising the 3Rs and energy conservation. We also believe in getting involved in some of the science that is going in our region that is helping scientists understand the complex web of life that surrounds and nourishes all of us. Contact us for more details on our involvement in local scientific initiatives.

One of our core conservation efforts is around climate change. We are deeply concerned with concrete actions that we can take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and lower our carbon footprint. (For more information on the pressing effects of climate check out Before the Flood - Leonardo diCaprio’s excellent documentary). We owe a commitment to the wildlife that surrounds us and who depend on healthy forest and marine ecosystems for their long term survival, as do we all.

We know that some of our actions contribute not insignificantly to greenhouse gas emissions. We use boats to transport our guests to and from the lodge and also for excursions around the marine environment and we use fuel to heat our lodge and cook with.

We will be working with an organization called Climate Smart to not only identify and implement greenhouse gas reduction strategies but also to identify strategic investment in carbon offset credits. Our goal and commitment is to become net carbon neutral by 2022. Our guests will make a small contribution to that effort with a $10 per person carbon offset fee that is built into all of our programs' pricing. That money is directed toward our greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies and our carbon offset credit purchases. For more information on our reduction strategies or our Climate Smart initiative in general, please contact our office.