rainforest ecology

The coastal rainforest is a truly magical ecological wonder. Recent academic research at the University of British Columbia by Dr Suzanne Simard is demonstrating an astounding level of interconnectedness amongst trees in the rainforest. They share a complex chemical signalling network that allows them to communicate and help each other in times of need. This is just one of the themes we explore on our rainforest ecology excursions departing daily right from Farewell Harbour Lodge on our own, private 50 acre forest. 

Can you see the lodge in this photo?     Notice the small beauties as well

Farewell Harbour Lodge sits on 30 acres of beautifully forested land on the 300 acre Berry Island. Aside from the private lodge property, Berry Island is entirely within the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park. The rainforest that surrounds us is a magnificent mixture of Western Hemlock, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Balsam Fir trees. Stepping away from the lodge into the forest behind is to step into another world where the thick carpet of moss on the forest floor provides a nutritious bed for young seedlings and a wondrous variety of other species of plant and animal life both large and small. 

Join your guide on a relaxing yet informative 2 hour journey into the marvels of the rainforest. Discover the intricate relationships that are inspiring scientists who are discovering an intelligence of the forest that is just now beginning to be studied and understood. 

(This excursion differs from our Forest Bathing tour in that we explore some of the science behind the forest ecosystem to discover the interrelationships that exist. We very much tailor this tour to guests' interest - from wild-crafting for the many succulent berry species (Berry Island!), to learning about forest ecology, to simply strolling through a beautiful, peaceful coastal rainforest taking in the sights and smells.)